Metrobank Unit Investment Trust Funds


Metrobank Unit Investment Trust Funds

Metrobank offers Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) that let you invest with the help of Metrobank’s financial experts.

Unlike deposit accounts, UITFs do not grow your money through interest. Instead, the money you invest in them grows depending on growth in the value of the assets in the fund you select after a period of time.

Based on the strategy of a qualified fund manager, each fund invests in higher-tier financial assets such as stocks, corporate notes, government securities, or high-yielding deposits.

You have several funds that you can choose from, each designed to help you meet a certain financial goal. Here are the kinds of Metrobank UITFs:

Aspire Funds (PHP)
These are funds that help you build up the habit of investing because you can start investing for an affordable amount and auto-invest monthly for at least two years.
Metro Aspire Bond Feeder Fund
Metro Aspire Balanced Feeder Fund
Metro Aspire Equity Feeder Fund

Learn more about Aspire Funds.

Fixed Income Funds (PHP and USD)
These are funds that allow you to protect and grow the money you’ve been saving up for future expenses by investing in time deposits, government securities, or corporate bonds. They are good for short-term (30 days to one year) or medium-term (one to five years) goals.
Metro Money Market Fund
Metro Short Term Fund
Metro Max-3 Bond Fund
Metro Max-5 Bond Fund
Metro Corporate Bond Fund
Metro Unit Paying Fund
Metro$ Money Market Fund
Metro$ Short Term Fund
Metro$ Max-5 Bond Fund
Metro$ Asian Investment Grade Bond Fund

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Balanced and Equity Funds (PHP and USD)
These are funds that let you pursue a wealthy future through capital appreciation by investing in either a mix of bonds and stocks or in stocks only. They are good for long-term (five or more years) goals.
Metro Balanced Fund
Metro Equity Fund
Metro Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund
Metro High Dividend Yield Fund

Learn more about Balanced and Equity Funds.

Feeder Funds (USD)
These are funds that let you invest your US dollars in the international markets through units of global funds.
Metro$ World Equity Feeder Fund
Metro$ US Equity Feeder Fund
Metro$ Eurozone Equity Feeder Fund
Metro$ Japan Equity Feeder Fund
Metro$ US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Feeder Fund

Learn more about Feeder Funds.

PERA Funds (PHP)
These are funds that let you set aside and invest money for a comfortable retirement by investing in assets which are tax-exempt in accordance with the PERA Law.
Metrobank PERA Money Market Fund
Metrobank PERA Bond Fund
Metrobank PERA Equity Fund