Metrobankdirect Personal system to shut down soon


Metrobankdirect Personal system to shut down soon

As we upgrade your online banking experience to the new Metrobank Online, we are shutting down Metrobankdirect Personal.

If you are still on Metrobankdirect Personal system, we encourage you to upgrade to the new platform soon to avoid any inconvenience.

If you are not able to upgrade before the scheduled shutdown date, your Metrobankdirect Personal account will be automatically deleted, and your login credentials will no longer be valid. Moreover, if you want to continue accessing your deposit accounts via Metrobank Online, you need to sign up to create a new Metrobank Online account.

Follow these steps to begin your upgrade:

MBO-How To

Your accounts, billers, and beneficiaries are auto-enrolled to Metrobank Online as soon as you move to Metrobank Online.

Make sure that you also have the mobile number and email address that you used to open your account.


Some features you enjoyed on the Metrobankdirect Personal system are continuously being added into Metrobank Online.

  • We are working on making the Tax payment facility available for you soon
  • Viewing of transaction history is currently up to 30 days but we are working to make it up to 90 days.

After you log in and start using the new system, you will not be able to access these features until they become available. You will also not be able to log back into the Metrobankdirect Personal system after moving to Metrobank Online.

Check the e-mail from info@communications.metrobank.com.ph for the full details and the last day of your access to the Metrobankdirect Personal platform. To know how to upgrade to the new Metrobank Online, please watch the video.

To learn more about Metrobank Online and its features, go to https://metrobank.com.ph/mbonline