Updates to Deposit Terms and Conditions


Updates to Deposit Terms and Conditions

Here is a summary of the changes to the current Deposit Terms and Conditions, effective June 25, 2021.

Account balance, interest, and service charges

  • Savings accounts and certain checking accounts earn interest, as long as the minimum average daily balance (ADB) to earn interest is met.
  • Any account that falls below its minimum balance requirement for two consecutive months receives a service charge.
  • Metrobank sets interest rates, minimum ADB for earning interest, minimum balance requirements, and service charges, and it informs customers through its communication channels when there are adjustments.

For more information, please visit https://metrobank.com.ph/rates-and-fees

Payroll account deactivation and reactivation

  • Metrobank may deactivate payroll accounts that show no payroll credit or other transactions, besides interest payments, for 90 consecutive days, without prior notice.
  • Deactivated payroll accounts can be reactivated at their branch of account.

Official Metrobank channels

  • The official Metrobank website is metrobank.com.ph
  • For customer complaints, these are the ways to reach the Metrobank Contact Center:

        o 24/7 Hotline: (02) 88-700-700
        o 24/7 Domestic Toll-free: 1-800-1888-5775
        o Email: customercare@metrobank.com.ph
        o Facebook: www.facebook.com/metrobank
        o Twitter: www.twitter.com/metrobank

Your data privacy

  • You acknowledge that you give the bank permission to use the personal information you provide according to the Metrobank Data Privacy Policy.
  • You acknowledge that Metrobank upholds your rights to confidentiality and privacy but waive these rights when they conflict with Metrobank’s ability to uphold its lawful duties.
  • You acknowledge that when undertaking legal actions or remedies, Metrobank can disclose your account information to any appropriate judicial, law, or government agency without prior notice.

For the full details of the Metrobank Privacy Policy, please visit https://metrobank.com.ph/privacy-policy

Anti-fraud measures

  • Metrobank can hold and/or debit from accounts that can reasonably be suspected of being used for fraud, perjury, or any other illegal activity.
  • Metrobank can suspend or terminate an account’s access to ATMs, Metrobank Online, the Metrobank Mobile App, and any of its other electronic banking services if the account is suspected or found to be involved in fraud or any other source of legal, financial, operational, or other risks.

Anti-fraud responsibilities

  • You acknowledge that you are solely liable and responsible for the safety and security of your account.
  • You acknowledge that it is your duty to protect your account from fraud by keeping your personal and account information confidential.
  • You agree that Metrobank will be held free, harmless, and indemnified against any losses, claims, suits, and damages arising from or in connection with any account that is compromised through cybercrime.

For the full details of how you can defend yourself against fraud, please visit https://metrobank.com.ph/fight-fraud

The current Deposit Terms and Conditions can be found at https://metrobank.com.ph/application-requirements and will be updated on June 25, 2021.


Effective August 12, 2020, the changes to the current Deposit Terms and Conditions, include the following:

On the use of your personal information*

  • You authorize the Bank, without need of prior notice, to use your personal information in order for the Bank, its affiliates, and/or its subsidiaries to offer you other products, services, relevant to you.

Addressing accounts of minors or legally incapacitated depositors (i.e. not expected to fully understand the nature of legal documents)**

  • Parents, guardians, or any other person exercising parental authority over a depositor have the responsibility to read, understand, and be bound to the Deposit Terms and Conditions and will be principally liable for the acts of the depositor.
  • Depositors who are minors or legally incapacitated have a right to be educated by their parents or guardians on how to properly use their account/s as well as other products and services of Metrobank.
  • Metrobank will be held free, harmless, and indemnified against any claims, suits, and damages arising from or in connection with any account held by a minor or legally-incapacitated depositor.

Converting Fun Savers Club (FSC) to Regular Savings Account**

  • When the depositor reaches 18 years old, FSC accounts will automatically be converted to Regular Savings accounts.
  • The parent or guardian who opened an FSC-ITF account may also convert it to an FSC account if the depositor is at least 7 years old.

Defining In Trust For (ITF) accounts**

  • Parents or guardians who open ITF accounts are only holding and operating ITF accounts for the benefit of the minor or legally incapacitated depositor who is the true owner of the funds in the account.
  • When the depositor reaches 18 years old, while FSC-ITF accounts will automatically be converted to Regular Savings-ITF accounts which the depositor may request to be converted into a Regular Savings account.
  • Metrobank reserves the right to put a hold on an ITF Account for failure to update account records and may upon notice, classify said account as dormant, upon the lapse of a reasonable time determined by the Bank.

For more information, please read the Deposit Terms and Conditions

Note: Information on this page is from:

  • Deposit Terms and Conditions, (DTC) (MB-I-M-182.4/Rev. Aug. '20)8
  • *Depositor’s Consent Authority and Waiver of Confidentiality/Privacy of Personal Information for the Bank’s Legitimate Purposes/Needs
  • **Minor or Legally Incapacitated Depositor


*Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.