Reliable Growth

Why choose a time deposit

Make use of your cash position with time deposits and let you grow your savings while still having them within reach.


Project your growth

Make growth and cash flow projections easy with reliable growth rate.


Set your terms

Control when you get your money back by choosing how long you want the term to be.


Grow your foreign funds

Utilize foreign funds you won't need in the meantime by growing them through time deposits.

Flexi-Ascend Time Deposit term options

Keep cash growing but still available with Flexi-Ascend Time Deposit. You can choose short term deposits and roll them over to another term when they mature. You get an increased interest rate up to a set limit whenever the time deposit is rolled over. Choose from these term options:


3-month Term (90 days)


6-month Term (180 days)


1-year Term (360 days)

Things you should know about time deposits

Your money will be secure

Putting money in a time deposit is among the safest way to grow cash with an assured fixed interest rate.

Your money will be insured

The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) covers up to PHP 500,000 of your total deposit, regardless of the number of accounts you have.

Withdraw money when you want

Get 25% of the interest earned if you withdraw during the first-half of the term, and 50% of the interest earned if during the second-half of the term.


How to get started

With a time deposit, you can grow your money while being able to access it easily if needed. To make a time deposit placement, visit your nearest Metrobank branch.

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